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  • Accelerate time to value by removing dependency on data sourcing tasks
  • Integrated data loaders deliver faster overall load performance resulting in smaller batch windows
  • Accelerate the migration & consolidation of data marts by exploiting existing data mart models, taxonomies and glossaries to build new, more agile warehouse platforms.
  • Simplify the warehouse architecture from landing zone to Business Intelligence metadata
  • Available on the Oracle Exadata platform, delivering dramatic improvements in load performance & end-user response times.
  • Significant savings for IT and improved data consistency & agility for the business

Reduce the Need for ETL Tools

65% Reduction in Data Integration vs. Traditional

Chart showing 65% savings in data integration vs. traditional DW approach


Capability Kalido ETL Tools
Create and maintain landing tables Automated Manual
Single mapping for population of multiple entities/tables Automated Manual
Dependency management for parallel execution driven by the model Automated Manual
Graphical query builder to create complex extract definitions Automated Manual
Type conversion between landing zone and warehouse tables Automated Manual
Extract only option to data in acquisition layer for subsequent transformation Automated Manual
De-duplication of data between landing and staging Automated Manual
Load mappings apply to initial and incremental load Automated Manual
Loosely typed landing tables to minimize external load failures Automated Manual
Suspense views and summaries for rejected data Automated Manual
Multi-entry versioning in single mapping job Automated Manual

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White paper

The Next Generation of Data Integration for Data Warehousing

ETL tools have their place in many integration projects, however their disadvantages outweigh their ability to assist customers to deliver agile data warehouses that can enable business value in a timely way. Read how Kalido overcomes these issues by automating the data integration tasks which otherwise would be manually constructed – and maintained – in ETL tools.

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