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Running your business and analyzing results with accurate and consistent data is paramount to operating efficiently and being successful. You must know your customers. You must know your products, and ensure they are produced and manufactured so you turn a profit. You must comply with regulations, and be able to affirm the accuracy of financial results. This is difficult, or impossible, if the data used to run your organization is inaccurate, out of date, or inconsistent across your business applications.

With Kalido MDM, business users and decision makers can begin to trust their data and be confident that their operational and analytical business processes are run with consistent data. To accomplish this, Kalido MDM offers mid­market and large enterprises the core capabilities to model, manage and govern master data. The result? Better data that feeds business processes to lead to better business outcomes.

Kalido MDM features and benefits include:

Model it for every domain

  • Visually models complex real­world relationships among master and reference data
  • Single solution and user interface across all master and reference data domains avoids MDM application silos
  • Automatically generates validation rules and builds the MDM repository

Master it with everyone

  • Automatically generates role­based user interfaces, saving time and coding
  • Complete matching and mapping with embedded workflow­driven issue resolution drives a “get clean” and “stay clean” environment
  • Separates WIP and published data for efficient stewardship processes

Govern it everywhere

  • Consumer UI easily shares master data with business users, including from mobile devices, enabling access and participation in stewardship and governance processes
  • Manages master data through its lifecycle, easily handling change to keep master and reference data accurate over time
  • Tracks master data history with complete audit trail

Common use cases for Kalido MDM include:

  • Reference Data Management
    Industry codes and identifiers, country codes, units of measure and conversion rates are all examples of reference data – relatively static sets of permissible values used by data fields. Kalido MDM easily meets the needs of RDM, mapping across internal and external sources while managing complex relationships between different reference data representations and data domains across the enterprise. As reference data is used to drive key business processes and application logic, managing reference data is often a critical first step in a full MDM implementation.

  • Hierarchy Management
    Hierarchy management is key to both reference data management and master data management. Product hierarchies, customer hierarchies and charts of accounts are examples of hierarchies used in both operational and analytical use cases. Other hierarchies, such as market segmentations and sales territories, may need to be managed outside operational systems that don’t accommodate these custom views. Kalido MDM handles all styles of hierarchies and includes an ability to support current vs. prior comparisons when hierarchies change.

  • Harmonization
    Data harmonization is the classic use case for MDM that refers to matching and mapping data from multiple sources into a golden record whose elements can be used by consuming systems to feed a business process. 360 degree view of customer is one example where the goal is to create a customer record with the combined attributes that support the marketing view, the sales view, the finance view and the executive view. Kalido MDM’s sophisticated matching rules coupled with a fully customizable/configurable business model enable quick and transparent identity resolution and harmonization across multiple sources.

  • Centralized Master Data Authoring
    Often, it is desirable to create new customer, product etc., master records in a “neutral” application, rather than in an operational system. The reason for this is to capture all the desired attributes rather than the subset that are required in a given system. Kalido MDM supports the ability to create a centralized master data authoring system to create new records, apply custom business rules and then publish to consuming operational systems.

How Kalido is benefiting Daymon Worldwide's MDM program
See how Kalido is benefiting Daymon Worldwide's MDM program

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