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We surveyed TDWI World Conference attendees about their data warehousing investments. We wanted to know their thoughts and experiences on a variety of topics, ranging from whether they felt like IT and “the business” are on the same page in terms of keeping the warehouse up to date with the latest requirements, how long it takes to keep the warehouse current, and how many resources they expended on supporting their environment. We’ve received over 400 responses from events in Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego and Boston.

Here are some of the statistics.

  • 85% agree that business people change their minds, and IT can't keep up
  • 56% agree that IT and business are aligned
  • 49% employ 3 to 10 people to support their BI environment
  • 31% employ more than 20 people
  • 66% take more than 1 month to deliver new views of data after a major reorganization
    • Only 10% could deliver within 1 week
  • 64% need more than 1 month to integrate new data
    • Of these, 42% need more than 3 months
  • 36% estimate they spend less than $250,000 annually to maintain the data warehouse
    • ...but 24% spend over $1 million
TDWI 2012 Survey results